For anyone not familiar with Stephen’s achievements here’s a short biography:

Stephen Roche. born 28 November 1959 Dundrum, Dublin, Ireland is a former professional rider. In a 13-year pro career, he reached his peak in 1987, becoming the second of only two cyclists to win the Triple Crown of victories in the Tour de France, the Giro d’Italia and the World Road Race Championship.

Although one of the finest cyclists of his generation and admired for his pedalling style, he struggled with knee injuries finally retiring in 1993. Shortly after launching his bike range in the mid 90’s, he went on to establish a successful cycling camp based in Mallorca, which he continues to run today.

I love steel-framed bikes and was lucky enough to purchase a Stephen Roche frame made from Columbus EL OS. In researching Stephen Roche bikes and frames it became apparent that Stephen has lent his name to some very fine frames, with some of the best tubesets employed and built by Europe’s leading frame builders. If you have one of these frames, congratulations! If not, I hope you enjoy discovering them!


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  1. Very interesting website you have created. I too am interested in these bikes. They really are a smashing looking bunch of frames, they are subtle yet very distinctive. Well done on this site its brilliant.

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