Stephen Roche Bioracer: Columbus Gara






Thanks to Rob Thompson for providing the following info for his Stephen Roche Bioracer (pictured)

“I got the frame from a guy who found it in a bike shop in Sydney. The story goes that a pro rider brought the bike out with him to Australia then sold it to the bike shop before leaving, this was common practice. The bike was stripped of its Campagnolo components and hung on the wall.

The size I think is 54

Italian bottom bracket

Internally routed rear brake cable

Seat tube 27.0 diameter (straight , not ovalized), Columbus sticker illegible, rear dropouts are Campagnolo

Carbon fork I guess not original

Amazing paint work with gold leaf”

I am grateful for David Cotter for sending me the following pics which have identified the tubing as Columbus Gara, plus the original steel fork- great find!







5 thoughts on “Stephen Roche Bioracer: Columbus Gara

  1. Hi Rob, I too am from Sydney. Very interesting that the bikes are both in Australia. Especially European built bikes which don’t seem to be found in iEurope lol ??? I have now sold the bike but is good hands and still in Oz.

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