This site is designed as an online resource for Stephen Roche branded bikes, primarily his classic steel frames of the 90’s, for which previously there was little or no information available. Contributions are welcomed through user comments to add to this resource. Any pictures featured remain the copyright of the photographer if applicable.

UPDATE: There appears to be 3 distinct ranges;

Late 1980s/early 1990s: The “Cork” and an un-named frame featuring Columbus Gara, both built/finished by Bio Racer of Belgium. The Cork was lugged and featured Tecnociclo dropouts and was made of top-end Columus EL OS. The Gara, with Campagnolo dropouts but a concealed brake cable in the top tube.

The “Course” models including the “Limited Edition” were all built by Carrera and celebrated the Triple win in 1987 (being 10th anniversary models launched in 1997). They all appeared on the sroche.com website in 1997.

The second series of Limited Editions: The Kilkenny and Galway which appear to be named after the Tour of Ireland (Nissan Classic) stages. The maker remains unclear as there are no markings . Given that none of these appeared on Stephen Roche’s website (sroche.com) between 1997 and 2000, I am of the view that they were short lived.

Finally there is a Carrera-built EL OS frame which only came to light recently and which looks of a later style and has http://www.sroche.com on the frame dating it to this period too.

As a keen owner of steel framed bikes, I have taken the liberty of adding a “My bikes” section (please indulge me!): A Pinarello Banesto Team bike, A Tommasini Tecno (made with Columbus EL OS) and, of course, the Stephen Roche Cork EL OS-which started this blog- in its final build spec. Enjoy!

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